D.V.Rogers Studio


My ultimate goal and passion in life is sharing ideas through art. For me, art is not just the creation of a painting; it is a means of communication. The majority of my paintings depict animals, wildlife and nature. I have a strong personal association and respect for horses and dogs. They and have taught me grace, strength, kindness, fairness, and respect. Their unconditional love demonstrates the cycle of giving and receiving. Creating art is a puzzle for me and the painting is only done when the last piece is laid.  My goal is to capture the quiet drama of each animal’s gaze and bearing. An animals eyes are the soul and essence of who they are and the eyes can often convey emotion in a completed piece.  Other subjects also appeal to me, but the stillness and power of animals and nature are, for me, constant and timeless. Conservation is a motivating factor for what I do.  If a painting of mine can inspire someone to care about animals and consider the importance of conservation, I will have accomplished my goal.



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